China is seeking to expand its remanufacturing industry over the next years in its actual five-year plan. Scientists from Bayreuth received an order from MINGJIE Resources from Foshan, China to bring in their knowledge. MINGJIE Group is a rapidly developing company for environmental protection science and technology. The main business of the Group includes the recycling and dismantling waste of electrical and electronic equipment as well as end-of-life vehicles, furthermore, the remanufacturing of worn out motor vehicle parts as well as the design and manufacturing of environmental protection equipments. The Group is specially fostered by the government and has committed itself to the countrys environmental protection business to make its due contribution for more recycling. Therefore, MINGJIE cooperates with a lot of famous academics and research institutes locally and abroad to do R&D and manufacturing of environmental protection equipment and to setup a learning and research integrated demonstration base. To this background, MINGJIE Resources commissioned a project targeted to develop innovative remanufacturing processes and factory planningfor their new remanufacturing plant in China. Furthermore, it shall support the start of their new remanufacturing business. Due to broad experience in the fields of remanufacturing, lean production, process reorganization and layout planning, Bayreuths Fraunhofer Project Group Process Innovation offered their support in order to solve the challenges of MINGJIE Resources. Primary goals of the project are the development of specific remanufacturing processes, the planning of factory layouts as well as the implementation of the developed remanufacturing processes and finally the training of MINGJIE engineers. To reach these goals Fraunhofer Project Group Process Innovation elaborated a seven-point plan to support MINGJIE Resources during their ambitious task. Next to investment aspects and logistics planning a main focus is on remanufacturing technologies for engine components.