Design for manufacture, assembly, disassembly and end-of-life processing (MADE) - Specification for reworking and remarketing of computing hardware BS 8887-211:2012 details the steps necessary for the remanufacture and refurbishment of ICT equipment. The standard links with other remanufacturing and reuse standards in the series BS8887-220 and BS8887-240. This standard was developed in response to a Bitcom working group, including members such as Fujitsu and HP, that initially approached the CRR to help develop a standard to enable the resale of aftermarket ICT equipment. Through our links with the technical product realisation committee within the CRR and some funding from WRAP, we have been heavily involved in the development of the new standard and see this as an important step in legitimising the reuse industry. Purchasers need reassurance that remanufactured and reused products are high quality and we see standards as a way to achieve this. The next steps would be the incorporation of a certification scheme for the standard. If you see this as an opportunity to become certified to this standard, please contact us at The standard itself can be purchased from the BSI website.

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