Lot 2 of this very large procurement contract (estimated value between £6 and £10 million) involves the lease & purchase of remanufactured multi-functional devices. In the contract notice, KCS states that, for the purposes of the Agreement, the definition of remanufactured shall be as defined within a standard developed in conjunction with CRR: 'The standard, BS 8887-2 Design for manufacture, assembly, disassembly and end-of-life processing (MADE) Part 2: Terms and definitions, includes a definition for remanufacturing. The inclusion of the remanufacturing definition in a nationally recognised standard is the first step in enabling remanufacturing to be recognised as a viable option for reducing both the environmental impact and the overall cost of products. The definition aims to remove any ambiguity surrounding the term remanufacturing, which has previously caused some confusion both to industry and to end users. Remanufacturing has been defined in BS 8887-2 as a process "returning a used product to at least its original performance with a warranty that is equivalent to or better than that of the newly manufactured product". This definition ensures that a remanufactured product has the same performance specifications as a new product and is important in enabling a purchaser to buy a remanufactured product with confidence. This new draft standard falls under the family of standards BS 8887. These standards are aimed at designers of new products and, by explicitly defining remanufacturing, designers who subscribe to this standard will now begin to analyse whether remanufacturing is suitable for their product. The standard also defines other terms important in the sustainability sector, such as recondition, repair and repurpose. In addition to the standard manufacturers warranty, maintenance options must be available for all products.'

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