With the rapid growth of the remanufacturing business in China, the NDRC and MIIT have issued a series of laws aimed at enlarging the scale of the remanufacturing pilot program and strengthening their continuous support of the remanufacturing business. The remanufacturing industry is predicted to have an amazing future, considering the fact that the value of related industries is estimated to amount to 190 billion RMB, with the added value of the massive overall contribution of outcomes from NDRC and MIIT-approved trial companies. In China, diverse industries, including automobile, machinery, machine tools, IT equipment, and spare parts, etc., have been given high priority by leading companies from at home and abroad, like Caterpillar, Cummins, Sany, Sinotruk, XCMG, TRW, Wabco, and many more, with tremendous business investment. It is with this backdrop that the NDRC and MIIT will direct the International Remanufacturing Exhibition. It will be an opportunity to learn more about the status quo and development trends of the international reman business, and meanwhile set up an effective platform for international and local companies to promote thorough communication and exchanges among reman companies, furthering the business development of reman in China. For more details and to register online, please use the external weblink.

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