Green Reparation is a new social enterprise dedicated to working with criminal justice organisations on climate change initiatives. This innovative model enables offenders serving community and custodial sentences to provide environmental services for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)  delivering major environmental gains with business savings, and generating income to offset the costs of punishment. Additionally, the model progresses sustainable lifestyle education and green employability agendas, and promotes wider recognition of serving offenders as members of the community. Caroline Bartlett of the CRR has been talking to Jo Ward, Development Manager of the organisation. She iterated we are contacting key local stakeholders with a view to developing local public, private and social enterprise sector collaborations focusing on resource recovery and the wider social agenda of reducing reoffending. We are setting up pilot projects in Devon and Cornwall, Merseyside and Swansea, and would love to hear if anyone in those areas knows of a waste stream that needs focus. One idea we are considering is the upcycling of corporatewear, 90% of redundant uniform is currently thrown away  that offers us some good quality fabric we could use for new products, as well as diverting waste from landfill! However, exact product areas have not been determined yet, and we are trying to evaluate requirements in each region. If you operate in one of these areas, and have waste products that need some attention, Green Reparation may be able to help. Contact Jo Ward on