WRAP (Waste Resource Action Programme) is currently engaging the FM sector to identify and quantify the potential for cost and waste savings and run pilots to improve resource efficiency through optimised procurement of goods and services consumed in and by the sector, as well optimising the management of assets both within and across FM contracts. WRAP intends to share good practice to improve resource efficiency across whole sector and pilot alternative business models to reduce exposure to supply instability and price volatility. A key part of this work is to develop standards for the resource-efficient procurement of FM services that can be used by both the public and private sector and could be adopted by FM contractors as service standards and also model wording for clauses that promote resource efficiency for each stage of the procurement process. There will be practical guidance on implementation, such as templates for minimising and managing waste and robust cost-benefit evidence for resource efficient service provision. WRAP is developing an interactive FM Toolkit to help clients procuring or managing FM services to specify and measure resource and cost saving. This is work in progress and will over the next few months evolve into a web tool. At this stage we are seeking the expert views of FM stakeholders and potential users to help us tailor our approach. For more information, go to the external link. A suite of case studies illustrating resource efficiency in Facilities Management are available on the WRAP website at http://www.wrap.org.uk/category/sector/facilities-management?viewfacets=298.

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