Launched in 1985, Cat Certified Rebuild (CCR) celebrated its 5,000th anniversary in December 2010 with a 980G wheel loader rebuild. Phil Ringenberger, Caterpillar senior marketing consultant with global responsibility for CCR  outlines the many benefits of what he calls the ultimate repair option. Every customer will inevitably reach the same point with their equipment, says Phil, the crossroads where they have to decide to rebuild, or resell and replace. Catframes are produced to last at least twice, and more customers are now taking advantage of that, opting for a rebuild of their power train or the entire machine. A BRAND NEW 20 YEAR OLD MACHINE Returning the machine to its original levels of performance for a fraction of the cost of a new machine means that customers enjoy lower owning and operating costs. As Phil explains, the advantages of CCR go even further than the financial benefits. A lot of customers appreciate the fact that using a machine for two lives means they contribute directly to energy and material savings, he says. And lets not forget that operators develop close working relationships with their machine, and thats not something many people want to say goodbye to after 10 or 20 years. With CCR we deliver a brand new 20-year-old machine. WORLDWIDE QUALITY CONSISTENCY Caterpillar is the only manufacturer with such a detailed remanufacture program, and the only one to guarantee like-new performance. When a Cat Certified Rebuild is done anywhere in the world by a Cat dealer, such as the Finning rebuild shown on these pages, there is a guarantee of consistency, and the assurance that every part of the machine meets Caterpillars strict quality requirements. Central to this is the rebuild parts list, the data set that dealers use as a reference guide. This can be up to 3,000 pages long, with up to 10,000 line items designated for repair, replacement or reconditioning. Most rebuilds will re-use up to 90 percent of the machine, remanufacturing it to like-new condition, with all critical parts replaced and engineering updates implemented. Only Cat new or remanufactured parts are used in a Certified Rebuild, covering every detail: switches, gauges, wiring harnesses, hoses, Electronic ControlModule (ECM), power train, hydraulics, the operator station and paintwork. Once completed, the machine is then given a 12-month warranty, with an option for extended warranty and financing. In some cases, Cat dealers will then offer a full service contract with terms the same as or very similar to that for a new machine. INCREASED CUSTOMER INTEREST Phil Ringenberger puts the 40 percent year-on-year growth of CCR down to customers common sense. If you just keep fixing things when they break, youre looking at unpredictable downtime, a lot of uncertainty and worry. If you opt for Certified Rebuild, you take the machine out of operation at a planned time, on your own terms, in your own timeframe. It comes back in like-new condition 8 to 12 weeks later, which is in some cases even faster than getting a new machine. It is given a new serial number (CCR only) and a Certification Plate, which can be a powerful marketing tool for customers. Certified Rebuild represents a huge opportunity as a long-term strategy for customers to maximize their profits and productivity while reducing their owning and operating costs. The only surprise to me is that not every customer takes advantage of Certified Rebuild."

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