The recently released Defra and BIS document Resource Security Action Plan: Making the most of valuable materials outlines the Governments strategy for addressing the challenges of resource scarcity, particularly those related to high-tech, green and defence technologies. Increasing remanufacturing and reuse activity has been highlighted as a significant factor for mitigating future UK resource risks. The environmental, economic and resource efficiency benefits of reuse and remanufacturing are highlighted within the report, which also describes various actions that will be implemented in the coming years. Opportunities highlighted for remanufacturing and reuse industry include: - an Innovation Challenge Fund for local economy closed loop projects in 2012-13. This will establish the feasibility of new approaches to materials recovery, including reuse and remanufacturing, and enable local businesses to extract value from domestic and commercial waste streams. This will be coordinated by the TSB through the SBRI: - funding of development of new business models and new technologies, such as remanufacturing and reuse, which improve resource efficiency. - The Government will give fresh impetus to the re-use of electrical and electronic equipment through the promotion of standards for re-use and the revised WEEE Directive. This includes promotion of BSI PAS51 141 and the voluntary industry standard for re-use WEEELABEX52. To access the report, please go to the external weblink.

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