The Textile flow and market opportunity project has been gathering data from textile reusers, remanufacturers and recyclers, to determine what happens to textiles once they are no longer desired by their owner. Much of this is discarded to landfill, even though reuseable either as is, or with some modification and reprocessing. The second project is focussing on one particular problem area, corporate and workwear  garments supplied by companies to clothe their employees. 31.2 million people are employed in the UK, many of them with clothes, shoes and protective wear provided in order to carry out their roles. These items are recovered at a far lower rate than typical clothing, due to issues such as branding, security and fabric composition. The Review of Corporatewear arisings and potential value report is addressing opportunities in this sector, and assesses methods to overcome these barriers. If you handle textiles (clothing or other), and feel you have some useful input into either of these projects, please contact Caroline Bartlett on