AJR's pursuit of federal business is in response to the current fiscal restraints facing the government and their need for more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternatives when purchasing new products. Remanufactured products traditionally offer significant savings - upwards of fifty percent when compared to the costs of newly manufactured goods. With the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) ongoing implementation of the encrypted singular multi-band emergency frequency program for first responders, the need to equip emergency management officials with updated systems provides a unique opportunity to showcase AJR's remanufacturing technology. Since its formation in 1990, AJR International has continuously grown their business volume and quality of service. "We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and in surpassing stringent demands for quality control and on-time performance," said Jim Oesterreich, President. "We will apply the strengths of our quality, responsiveness and flexibility to our government program pursuits as we have with our commercial customers." Long acknowledged as being the ultimate in green technology, remanufacturing electronic components saves both resources and greatly reduces hazardous land fill and toxic waste. As an industry, remanufacturing accounts for an estimated reduction of 28 million tons of carbon dioxide that would have been generated during the manufacture of new replacement products. AJR International has been a major supplier to the automotive industry of refurbished and remanufactured electronic equipment. AJR's industry leading exchange program allows automotive dealers to request overnight replacement parts prior to shipping a defective unit requiring repair. Their domestic production facility is strategically located just outside Chicago and is supported by a logistics facility in Minneapolis. About AJR International Inc.: AJR International, Inc., headquartered in Glendale Heights, Illinois is a leading reverse logistics and remanufacturing company for major OEM, electronic device and component manufacturers. AJR operates facilities in Illinois and Minnesota providing remanufacturing and reverse logistics services including inventory management, distribution, repackaging, assembly, testing and scrap disposal.

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