Gager stated, "This study will include all segments of the remanufacturing industry like office furniture, medical equipment, toner cartridges, etc., but should shed some real light on the scope and size of the motor vehicle remanufacturing industry in particular." The USITC will help remanufacturers, including small and medium-sized enterprises, to assess opportunities for their products worldwide. It will also help manufacturers of cleaning and testing equipment to look at new markets for remanufacturing worldwide - especially in Asia Pacific countries. Gager added, "Our Federal government has been a strong proponent of negotiating the elimination of barriers to trade in remanufactured products. This study will help document what trade is currently going on in the world and the opportunities to expand it." Gager concluded, "As we all know, 'Remanufacturing is the Ultimate Form of Recycling,' and as such, remanufacturers have always been prepared to do our part to solve the worldwide problems of natural resource scarcity and to show how remanufacturing reduces greenhouse gas emissions."

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