They suggest consumers consider repowering your vehicles engine as a way to save money. According to the Engine Repower council your older or high mileage vehicle that needs engine work may be the perfect candidate for a rebuilt (repowered) engine. Completely different from a junkyard or used engine with little or nothing known about the history, a repowered engine is either the vehicles actual engine or an identical one that has been repowered. When repowering an engine, it is completely taken apart, cleaned, machined and rebuilt/remanufactured. Repowered engines have excellent warranty programs as well as being dependable and reliable. Ken Carter, chairman of the Engine Repower Council commented, "Repowered engines run more efficiently, getting better gas mileage than a worn out or junkyard used engine. This extra advantage will repower your wallet every time you fill up," continued Carter. "Now is the time to talk with an automotive technician to see if repowering your engine is the right choice for you." The Engine Repower Council is a supporter of the "Be Car Care Aware" consumer education campaign. Learn more about repowering and view the Engine Repower Council's cost comparison chart for information and illustrations on the difference in cost between repowering and buying a new vehicle at

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