And they took the opportunity to announce the creation of an Electronics Stewardship Policy, the first in the telecommunications industry. Reuters reported that the policy outlines Sprint's goals in handling electronic waste, from product design to end of life, including a certification requirement for remanufacturers. Sprint is the only wireless carrier to outline specific commitments that address e-waste holistically by focusing on the full lifecycle of the electronics it buys and sells. Through the new Electronics Stewardship Policy, Sprint commits to design and procure eco-friendly electronics, maximise the equipment's useful life, boost collection of equipment, maximize reuse of electronics, responsibly recycle electronic scrap, and use environmentally and socially responsible vendors for recycling. Sprint developed the policy with input from BSR, Basel Action Network and ABI Research. The policy outlines four goals:
  • at least 70 percent of Sprint-branded devices should meet the company's scorecard criteria for environmental design by 2017
  • 100 percent of Sprint's recycling vendors and remanufacturing partners must meet certification requirements by 2012 and 2013, respectively
  • Sprint intends to collect nine phones for reuse or recycling for every 10 it sells annually by 2017, a 90 percent collection rate
  • Sprint intends to collect 100 percent of its own annual e-waste for reuse and recycling by 2017.

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