Gager stated, "Nothing creates good permanent jobs like the remanufacturing industry. So, as you (Congress) begin to deal with job creation in today's economy, we would encourage you to seriously look at how public policy may be used to help the remanufacturing industry expand here in the United States." APRA estimates that there are more than 500,000 jobs in the remanufacturing industry, for a diverse range of products such as automotive and truck parts, toner cartridges, electronic equipment, cell phones, office furniture, locomotive, electrical transformers, air conditioning compressor units for office buildings, off-road construction equipment, agriculture and mining equipment, hydraulic pumps for all types of applications and more. Gager added, "Just about anything that is manufactured can be remanufactured, adding a second or third life to capital goods." Gager concluded, "Trade promotion, tax credits, job creation incentives and targeted grants are some ways to help the remanufacturing industry expand. We ask all members of Congress to join us in our mission of job creation."

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