The performance demands of batteries used in EVs are particularly high when compared to many uses. Therefore these batteries are still useful for other uses once they are no longer suitable for EV use. Implementing cascaded reuse schemes for these batteries to other less demanding applications may provide a way to minimise the costs of batteries to users, and lower their impact on the environment. The CRR is seeking to form a consortium for the TSB competition to propose a feasibility study of cascaded reuse and recycling of automotive HEV/PHEV/EV batteries to secondary uses. Within this feasibility study, work will investigate the impact of cascaded reuse of EV on first life battery costs in EVs, identify possible cascade routes and secondary uses of EV batteries and measure environmental and economic benefits. The CRR are looking for partners from all sections of the battery supply chain, particularly battery manufacturers, EV manufacturers and possible secondary users. For further enquiries please contact Adrian Chapman at