The EnCore Partners programme for dealers in the Americas was launched by Manitowoc at the beginning of January 2011. Under the plans, Manitowoc Crane Care will partner with interested dealers that pass rigorous capabilities assessments to provide crane remanufacturing and major repair services. Construction equipment giant and Manitowoc dealer H&E Equipment, based in the USA, is the manufacturer's first US partner. The manufacturer will not only help set up remanufacturing facilities but provide access to engineering resources and tools they may not have. The partnership will include training the dealers' existing personnel and providing Manitowoc's experienced staff with in depth knowledge, for example, of welding procedures and the remanufactured crane's original specifications. H&E is already experienced in carrying out this type of work, making it an ideal partner. "We have stopped our focus on repairing cranes in our facilities. So our facilities will mainly focus on repairing booms, small components, repairing gear boxes and repairing transmissions," says Ferreira. "We are stepping back a little bit and allowing dealers to go to the customer but it is not about one taking over responsibility from the other, it's really a partnership." So far three H&E facilities have been appointed to the programme: Birmingham, Alabama; Bell Chasse, Louisiana; and Houston, Texas. At its PP&E Birmingham facility the company has nearly completed the refurbishment of a Manitowoc Model 888 crawler crane. It will be shown at Manitowoc's ConExpo booth in March. Over a three month period the Model 888 will have been completely stripped down, blasted and inspected. All the welds are checked and we have a very stringent repair procedure to follow that Manitowoc provides for us in remanufacturing. All electronics and hydraulics are replaced. The pumps and motors are completely remanufactured through Manitowoc. . According to H&E the complete remanufacturing of a crane will cost about half the amount of buying a new machine.

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