OCÉ develop products and services that add value to the document processors of their customers while minimizing environmental impact. There are four Remanufacturing facilities worldwide, which give a second life to thousands of OCÉ Systems every year. Only reliable systems with proven, documented service histories are considered for the Prémia programme. Each system undergoes a rigorous inspection process at the component and system level by OCÉ trained technicians for parts that are defective or obsolete and need to be replaced. This guarantees the quality of an OCÉ newly remanufactured product. Some components are processed for reuse, all according to their stringent quality assurances so they can reuse valuable parts that might otherwise be discarded. Next the system is assembled - defective or obsolete components are replaced with OCÉ original components or replaced with used components which have been reprocessed to new standards. Unlike many remanufactured systems which offer limited functionality, OCÉ Prémia Class Systems come fully loaded with the latest software updates and modifications. After assembly each system is individually inspected, adjusted, tested and checked for compliance with the original specifications. Customer counters are reset to zero and the system leaves the factory ready for a second life with its new user, where it will operate under regular service conditions - no different from a new product. OCÉ was one of the first in the industry to establish a complete asset recovery programme where they dismantle end of life products. Major components that can be reused go into the remanufactured systems; the rest are disposed of in a responsible manner.

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