The BuyReman: Remanufacturing Marketplace features industry-specific product and service listings designed to support remanufacturers with their important purchasing and marketing decisions. The 2010 edition of the Marketplace has been given a facelift to improve appearance and usability, which includes fantastic new features. Enhanced listings now come complete with a company description, direct email and website links, including social networking sites, white papers, product catalog and the ability to add specific products and brands. Some key statistics taken in June 2010 and November 2010 show increases in viewership. Total monthly visits increased 76 percent and monthly page views increased by 125 percent. The average number of pages viewed per visit increased by 20 percent, and total unique visitors per month increased by 63 percent. The Marketplace includes basic and advanced search capabilities to make the search process convenient and time-efficient. In addition, the Marketplace offers the option to highlight specific products in the Product Showcase, which rotates throughout the site ensuring the advertiser's message gets in front of their target audience. "If you are not a participant in the Remanufacturing Marketplace, we encourage you to join today and experience new business development opportunities," added Bill Gager. Whether users are looking for component parts, testing equipment, cleaning equipment or cores, the Marketplace offers an easy way to quickly find the right suppliers. The BuyReman: Remanufacturing Marketplace can be viewed at:

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