("ICL"), a subsidiary of Print-Rite Holdings, announced a next generation of new toner made from bio-organic material ("Bio-Toner") for leading OEMs' office & desktop printers. Arnald Ho, Chairman and founder of Print-Rite, noted, "These revolutionary toners represent a major step forward in aftermarket consumables in terms of energy conservation, environmental protection, and a reduction on our dependency upon petroleum oil. By using a renewable resource, such as field corn, sugar cane, sweet potatoes and other grown and harvested plants as a resin source, we have shown that the aftermarket now brings to the end user, a more environmental friendly choice in addition to a lower cost alternative to the oil-based toners being offered by the original equipment makers (OEMs)." The new bio-toners were co-developed by ICL, a subsidiary of Print-Rite Holdings, together with an independent research company based in North America. Sample prints were displayed and distributed at the event, which is drawing an estimated 8,000 visitors to the Zhuhai Air Shop Exposition Center. The benefits of bio-toners are: 1. Reduces dependency on foreign oil 2. Stabilizes the cost of toner raw materials as oil prices rise 3. Reduces CO2 emissions from toner production 4. Because it decomposes with heat in presence of water, it simplifies and accelerates the de-inking of office waste paper 5. Waste bio-toner is a compostable material" "Current technology," reports Mr. Tang Fugen, General Manager of ICL's Zhuhai toner plant, "limits our use of bio-resin to a maximum of 25 per cent by weight in the toner formula. However, we continue the development process and expect this level to change rapidly to over 50 per cent in the very near future."

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