The leader of the Chinese imaging consumables industry, Mr. Arnald Ho, who also serves as Chairman of the Printer Consumables Committee of China and Chairman of Print-Rite Holdings Ltd, will join hands with 55-year industry veteran Art Diamond to jointly chair the charter Global Remanufacturing Industry General Assembly (GRIGA). In recent years, the aftermarket supplies industry enjoyed fast development in the Asia Pacific Region, but expanded less rapidly in other areas. China's printer consumables industry has drawn a lot of attention in recent years. The city of Zhuhai is a shining example as it hosts the greatest number of manufacturers of various printer supplies products and parts anywhere in the world. Therefore, Zhuhai has been chosen as the host city for the first Global Remanufacturing Industry General Assembly. Upon accepting the invitation, Ho said, "GRIGA is an important meeting for this industry, because the whole industry today, wherever you are, is facing the same issues: First, the increasing difficulties of the chip technology development by OEMs which mainly to stop the compatible or reman cartridge industry. Second, the aggressiveness of OEMs to collect empties, while not re-using them. Third, these empties are either dumped into third-world countries damaging their environment, or are recycled into other materials, which is less efficient than re-using the cartridges. I hope we can raise the awareness among the consumers and all governments to the benefits and ecological merits of cartridge remanufacturing." Neil Coulton, Technical Director of UKCRA, comments "The General Assembly is a unique opportunity to bring together all the major remanufacturing Associations, to work together for the benefit of all involved, via the sharing of concerns, information and resources, with the ability to address global issues in a meaningful and effective manner. It will be an opportunity to build international relationships for the benefit of the industry not only on a global level, but also on a local and regional basis." For more information about GRIGA, including the speaker introduction and conference program etc, please log on or contact Sabrina Lo at GRIGA Global Remanufacturing Industry General Assembly (GRIGA) is initiated by Tony Lee, Publisher of Recycling Times magazine. The GRIGA aims to: 1. Unite the remanufacturing industry worldwide through meeting and exchange of ideas 2. Enhance the understanding of trends, directions and standards in the development of the copier and printer consumables aftermarket 3. Share the experience of promoting eco-friendly remanufactured products and the remanufacturing philosophy to the public and different governments; 4. Promote the healthy and steady development of the industry around the globe. The first GRIGA will be hosted by Recycling Times magazine in Zhuhai, China on September 25, 2010.