Abrasive cutting tools and grinding wheels are used by manufacturers of shoes, belts, sculptured stone, tyres, furniture, and boats. The oil industry and those in need of conveyor rollers also utilise the services of Tunco Manufacturing Inc. Through the use of remanufactured grinding wheels, many industry professionals find cost effective ways to create products for their clients. Remanufactured grinding wheels which are coated with Tungsten mean savings for industry leaders seeking reliable tools for a reduced rate. Due to the nature of Tungsten and the nature of servicing grinding wheels, remanufacturing processes allow for less waste of industry tools and reliability as tools are serviced for continued use. Tunco Manufacturing Inc. works with industry professionals interested in taking advantage of the many benefits associated with Tungsten while receiving reduced costs remanufacturing services. Tunco Manufacturing Inc. offers plasma coating, fabricating, brazing, recoating, and machining services to manufacturers interested in maintaining the integrity of industry grade tools. Grinding wheels, both remanufactured and new, may be coated with Tungsten to strengthen their constitution and promote longer life.

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