As part of its environmental policies, the Chinese government launched this certification program to promote the development of remanufacturing industry, and to build the society where energy-saving and environmental conservation are valued by certifying companies that represent each industry as the pilot remanufacturing enterprises to encourage and support others to be more eco-conscious. The Chinese government also conducts the statistics of these pilot companies' data, and shares with other ministries and national organizations to accelerate the resource recycling economy. Out of 35 pilot companies certified this time (including three IT equipment companies), Fuji Xerox Eco Manufacturing (Suzhou) is the only Japanese company.

Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) completely disassembles and recycles used products including copy/multifunction devices and cartridges recovered from all over China by Fuji Xerox (China) Ltd., Fuji Xerox's sales company in China. Some of the components are reused within the processes established based on the Fuji Xerox's quality assurance standard. The recycling site commenced operation in January 2008, has the capacity to disassemble and recycle 15,000 devices and 500,000 cartridges per year, and achieved device recycling rate of more than 96 percent in March 2009.

As a responsible manufacturer, Fuji Xerox aims to achieve zero landfill, no pollution, and no illegal disposal, and this certification shows that the company's efforts are understood and valued in China. Fuji Xerox continues to reinforce its resource recycling system which offers an advanced model to balance business operations with the environment. Read this and other March news from APRA via the link on the left.

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