Another 20 to 30 years of life and a fuel saving of some 7% are claimed for the German pushboat Rhenus-Schub 1 now that it boasts a remanufactured Wärtsilä main engine. The Maritime Journal reports that when the crankshaft on one of the vessel's original Wärtsilä Deutz SBV8M628 engines was heavily damaged, owners Rhenus PartnerShip wanted to replace it with the same engine and with a ZKR2 environment certificate to qualify for a Dutch fuel efficiency subsidy. However the Wärtsilä Deutz SBV8M628 is no longer produced and so Rhenus went for a remanufactured Wärtsilä D628 engine. Wärtsilä spokeswoman Ellen de Jong told MJ the work on the 27 year old Rhenus-Sshub 1 was carried out at its Schiedam plant in Holland. The boat is 39.88m long and 11.38m wide and displaces 319 tons. After successful trials, it is now back in service. The time from order to replacement, including the removal and installation, was four weeks. 'Wärtsilä was able to provide a Wärtsilä D628 that met all our needs', said Ralf Deutsch, head of technical services at Rhenus PartnerShip. In addition, the engine could be installed in the existing engine room without the need for conversion. Wartsilä said the replacement engine was 'as good as a new one' and that the pushboat 'will be able to operate another 20 to 30 years with an expected fuel reduction of 7%.' It said the remanufactured unit was an existing engine usually with reconditioned head components, new bearings and piston rings as well as gaskets, seals, sensors and wiring. It was delivered in almost new condition after overhaul and adjustment, was 'modestly priced compared to a new one', and could be delivered quickly. It also came with a new year of build registration, a new number and with zero operating hours, meaning it could be insured as a new engine, the makers said.

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