Until now, our efforts have been to develop a recognised standard that can be used by industry. However, on its own a standard is no guarantee of quality unless some auditing of the standard in practice is in place. Feedback from industry suggests that such an accreditation is an important next step. Based on this appetite, the Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse is formulating plans for accreditation scheme for remanufacturers operating to the new BS8887-220 standard.

The scheme, due to be launched this summer and most likely in conjunction with an international engineering testing house, will be administered by the CRR and will require inspection of the process flow and documentation that details the remanufacturing process. Practitioners also expressed interest in a labelling scheme that allows instant recognition of a quality remanufacturing. Over the coming months we will be engaging with the remanufacturing industry to test support and with purchasers to raise awareness. If you are interested in your company being amongst world leaders in certification to BS8887-220, or are interested in developing a labelling scheme, please contact Ben Walsh.