Findings summary

The remanufacturing and reuse industry in the UK was found to be in a healthy, but potentially exposed state. The total value of these activities was assessed to be almost £2.4 billion, with the carbon savings estimated to be over 10 million tonnes CO2e per annum. These findings represent a decline in the value of the remanufacturing and reuse industry in comparison with the 2004 report. However, this drop is partially attributable to the increased granularity of this survey, leading to a more accurate breakdown and a better understanding of each sector and sub-classifications of reuse. It also excludes the substantial aerospace sector, the absolute magnitude of which equals all other sectors, but which is believed to be very robust, even expanding in relative terms. With this included, activity is near previous estimates. It is included form this summary so that finer detail may be extracted.

The current economic conditions were also found to be a contributory factor. A greater than ten-fold increase in CO2e savings is observed, (primarily attributable to the low value, but high impact textile sector, which was not fully studied previously). Further analysis of these figures is provided below.

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