Above all, those who own older vehicles often ask for exchange replacement parts, as these are thirty to forty percent cheaper than buying new units", Bosch says. Over the last few years, worldwide demand for high-quality remanufactured parts for vehicle repairs has increased, and has continued to rise as a result of the current downturn in global markets. The exchange market in the U.S. now has a share of almost 90 percent. The market segment is also continuing to expand in Europe, and at a considerably higher growth rate than the generally stagnant whole parts market. Compared with manufacturing new parts, remanufacturing used parts requires less energy. In addition to cost efficiency, environmental protection and the conservation of resources are also good reasons to use remanufactured parts in actual cash value-driven vehicle repairs. Starters and alternators, which are classic examples of exchange products, have been remanufactured by Bosch since 1965.

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