BS8887-220 will outline what operations a remanufacturer must perform in order to consider the product remanufactured. This will be of vital importance to the remanufacturing community because it will provide a standard that states that the remanufacture product is as good as new. It will also enable the CRR to engage government and other major procurers to advocate businesses that remanufacture to this standard. We have worked hard to develop this standard over the last twelve months and it is now ready for you to critically assess it, make comments and prepare yourself for its launch at the end of the year. This process is important because the standard may have an impact on your business. Look out for a special update of the CRR newsletter in the coming weeks that will give you details of how and where the standard can be accessed. To make sure we donít miss you off the list please contact Ben Walsh at CRR.