The scheme offers customers an alternative to buying new replacement parts, with remanufactured components that can almost half the price of a new part. Although they are cheaper, Hitachi's remanufactured parts are made to the same standards as new components and are tested to the same criteria. The company says this gives them the same performance and service life as new parts, and accordingly, Hitachi is offering the same six-month warranty with remanufactured parts as it does with new components. Under the scheme, customers receive a credit from Hitachi when they return an original core component for remanufacturing. The value of this credit is determined by the condition of the returned part. This credit forms part of the cost reduction that customers will enjoy for participating in the recycling and remanufacturing scheme. General Manager for Product Support, Kenji Ota said, "We are pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to buy remanufactured components for their Hitachi machines. Our main aim is to enhance customer satisfaction by offering good-as-new quality components. However, it will also benefit our dealers, by expanding on the excellent service they provide. "Hydraulic components for crawler excavators - such as main pumps, and travel and swing motors - as well as axles and transmissions for wheeled excavators and wheel loaders, are now available to order. We will extend the programme to include a wider range of components on an ongoing basis."

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