The minister however said that the process would take four to six months as remanufacturing is a new area and the Government would have to weigh the pros and cons before framing regulations. Mr Yadav at the ASSOCHAM National Seminar on Remanufacturing said that inter departmental consultations, with the involvement of the Planning Commission, have begun to frame the policy guidelines for remanufacturing. The minister said that after the consultations process is over, the proposed guidelines would be circulated to all stakeholders for inputs. The ministry would also move a cabinet note on a remanufacturing policy for its approval and necessary directions. According to Mr Yadav, the government is seriously encouraging remanufacturing as it reduces energy and raw material costs by more than 50%benefiting consumers and original manufacturers. Remanufacturing is an industrial process in which worn out or obsolete components of a product are repaired or replaced. It mostly applies to parts that are subject to degradation and affect the performance or the expected life of the whole product.

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