You will remember TSB as the Government's prime body for sponsoring collaborative research.
The new call is for “Feasibility Studies for Technology-Inspired Innovation”. Grants of up to Ł25,000 (or up to 75% funding) are available to companies or consortia of companies with fewer than 50 employees for 3 month exploratory projects.
A specific area of interest is High Value Manufacturing with these aspects:
  • Designing or developing innovative products or systems that offer improved … service life and reduced environmental impact.
  • Developing production technologies … that create greater environmental sustainability through efficient disposal, recycling or remanufacture.
  • Developing service solutions that complement product offerings by adding value before, during or after manufacture.
  • Delivering a mix of products and services within global innovation, supply and distribution networks.

Click the link to the left for the TSB’s competition document and details of how to apply.

The CRR has no grant capability itself but is interested in helping subscribers put together strong bids. If after reading the competition document you have an idea that you’d like help with, we can offer an opinion, perhaps point you at other partners or even collaborate using our consultancy funds.

  • Each company must have fewer than 50 employees;
  • Expressions of Interest phase closes by 1st October;
  • CRR has no part in running this competition.

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