The facility is a result of a partnership between Springfield Remanufacturing Company and Case New Holland Reman. Those involved say this is a way to start growing jobs in Springfield while creating a ripple effect down the supply chain. Despite a recession, the re-manufacturing industry in Springfield is showing signs and sounds of progress. "Absolutely a shinning star bright light in what's going on," SRC lineman Luke Blackburn said. He's talking about a new partnership between Springfield Remanufacturing Company and Case New Holland. "I think this represents businesses looking for ways to deal with the new economy and the new reality this represents," CNH Renman General Manager Tom Hilmes said. His company is going to buy a facility in Springfield. Hilmes wants to continue to manufacture engines, transmission and axles for agriculture and construction equipment. "It's an economical alternative to repair. With the economy people re-focusing on keeping equipment run longer," Hilmes said. The SRC heavy duty plant will operate pretty much the same working on a similar product. It says it will triple in size in the next two to three years creating new jobs. "I think we feel the affects of the working class losing jobs a lot more and its and outstanding opportunity to create more jobs," Hilmes said. Hilmes says CNH hopes this venture will also produce a ripple affect in the supply chain. "All the manufactures who we buy our parts from for the engines we hope that t will raise awareness and volume this is all about creating jobs," he said. Jobs those like Blackburn agree need to start coming down the line in this community. SRC says this is a great chance for its company to continue to grow in the Ozarks. Both companies would not say which building it is they are looking at to buy.

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