TestLink has increased staffing levels by 30 per cent to keep up with global demand for its ATM services. TestLink remanufactures ATMs to 'as new' condition - saving customers up to 70 per cent compared with the price of new ATMs. Demand for TestLink's high quality ATMs and services is increasing as banks, mutuals and other financial institutions seek to reduce frontline operating costs in order to cope with the global credit crunch. Thirty new repair technicians have been recruited at Poole where TestLink carries out work including: ATM remanufacture ATM refurbishment and modifications ATM security upgrades (anti-skimming, cassette locking bars) ATM asset and estate management ATM cassette testing, configuration and refurbishment. The other 15 new engineering roles are in Prague where TestLink has won a major pan-European contract to repair Chip and PIN credit card terminals. A further seven jobs are expected to be created there as demand continues to rise. TestLink's OEM-trained technicians in Prague repair and refurbish thousands of broken Chip and PIN terminals every month. Damaged units are shipped in from France, Germany, UK, Spain, Poland and Ireland.

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