We are grateful for those who contributed; we want this standard to reflect your views. If things go to plan, the standard will be published with amendments in late March or early April. This is only the first stage in developing a series of standards to help increase quality and sales in remanufactured products. Work on the next set of standards has already begun. We are looking to develop standards for product designers and OEMs that build the ability to remanufacture into a new product. If you design products, what guidelines and procedures would you like to see in a ‘design for remanufacture’ standard? Please contact us with your ideas. Secondly, we are developing standards for remanufacturers to ensure that when someone buys a product which is remanufactured, they are confident that the product is in an as new condition. In collaboration with the society for motor manufacturers and traders, we are developing an umbrella standard on remanufacturing, which will set out the guidelines for the minimum procedures necessary for returning a used product to an as new condition with an equivalent warranty. Shortly, we will be looking for your input into this early draft and if you are interested in being involved, please contact us. Although the draft was written with the SMMT, we have written it to be general enough for the entire remanufacturing industry and are keen to hear views from all sectors.