SoyPrint™ represents the first soy-based printing alternative for the workplace. These eco-friendly toner cartridges are comparable to their brand name counterparts in price, print quality, and page yield. Whereas soy-based inks have been available and widely used in commercial printing such as newspapers since the 1970s, soy-based toners for office laser printers and fax machines have not been available until now. This is the kind of product our industry needs - one that makes greener workplace printing easy, without sacrificing performance or increasing costs. The company's goal is for soy-based toners to replace conventional petroleum-based toners as the dominant method of printing in the workplace. With recycled, chlorine-free paper, Energy Star-compliant printers, and now, remanufactured, soy-based toner cartridges. The switch is easy and cost-effective, and the results top quality. Made in the U. S., SoyPrint™ is remanufactured from genuine, brand-name printer cartridges, which means compatibility is guaranteed. They are available for select Hewlett Packard business printers and Canon fax machines. Cartridges for additional brands and printer models will be released in the next few months. When purchased through, SoyPrint™ cartridges arrive via free, carbon-neutral shipping. The United States consumes as much as 50,000 tons of petroleum-based toner each year. Petroleum-based toners are made from nonrenewable resources, emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air and contain heavy metals that can contaminate soil and groundwater. The use of soy-based toners can help prevent VOCs and hazardous petroleum byproducts from contaminating the environment. In addition to being compostable, paper printed with soy-based toner is easier to recycle than paper printed with conventional petroleum-based toner.

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