Based out of the Middletown Remanufacturing Center (MRC) in Middletown, PA. Diesel particular filters trap and contain particulate matter in engine exhausts, reducing them to a fine ash that must be cleaned out every few hundred thousand miles. According to Volvo Group, the remanufactured DPFs are restored to more than 90% of their original capacity. Without remanufacturing, a DPF can't properly filter contaminants, which leads to decreased engine performance. "DPFs are tremendously effective at capturing particulates and keeping them from the air we breathe," said Bob McPherson, MRC's manager of lean systems and new engine projects. "Once the truck's sensor shows the filter is filling with ash and is no longer performing optimally, the customer will come to a dealership and exchange the filter element for a remanufactured one. The other element will be sent to us and we will remanufacture it and return it to useful service." According to the two OEMs, the DPF cleaning process used by MRC is capable of cleaning and removing ash from a fully plugged DPF and is able to detect cracked filter elements during the cleaning process.