The opportunity to make a dent on the environmental impact of the millions of printers, faxes and copiers in the workplace comes down to making good choices and thinking before simply hitting the print button. IKON Office Solutions (Canada) has provided a list of ten very simple things we can do to help reduce our carbon footprint at the office. Top 10 tips to reduce the impact of your office equipment on the environment" 1. Use multi-function devices that copy, fax, print and scan within one-unit. This results in reduced physical space requirements for the device, reduced energy consumption and reduced supply storage space requirements. 2. Create electronic document workflows to reduce the amount of hardcopy output. 3. Utilizing scan-to-email technology to distribute documents electronically, and store scanned documents in an electronic repository. 4. Use digital technology to print materials on-demand - where and when they are needed, reduces obsolescence and document storage requirements. 5. Buy remanufactured devices (copiers/faxes) when suitable as 90% of the post-consumer material found in the product is retained for the remanufacturing process 6. Recycle your toner cartridges and purchase recycled toner cartridges (whenever possible). 7. Reduce paper use by printing only what you absolutely need 8. Purchase recycled paper (whenever possible) and print on both sides of the page 9. Be selective of what you print - sometimes you don't have to print the entire document - use the "print selected text" feature when you only need a part of a document - or better yet cut and paste it into a file and keep it electronically. 10. Use the back side of documents that have been printed as scrap paper - before you recycle your paper.

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