Insight Investments established ISE as part of its full-service commitment to helping businesses with the life cycle management of their used servers, desktops, laptops and displays as they came off lease. ISE then recertifies the IT equipment to meet original manufacturers' specifications and sells it at a significant discount to 2,000 public school districts and individual schools nationwide. Unusable equipment is recycled and disposed in conformance with all national and international environmental regulations. ISE leases equipment to enterprise businesses and takes it back when the lease comes to an end or purchases from companies like Dell, HP or IBM. As a result, the equipment shipped to its Tech Center is already high quality and built to perform. Every component, wire and connection is inspected and tested by trained technicians. Defective parts are replaced with new or remanufactured ones. Everything is carefully cleaned both inside and out to look like new. And nothing is shipped until it meets all original manufacturer specifications. Dale Beverly, teacher and technology coordinator at Foothill High School, Tustin, Calif., noted that when he received his first shipment from ISE, "the computers were well protected. As we pulled out each system and set them up, everything looked new. Most importantly, when we connected the computers to our school network, they ran like brand new computers." The Tech Center is also designed to be a "green" facility. ISE vice president Jay Johnson noted, "The Tech Center was specifically retrofitted to reduce power and water consumption and to maintain healthy air quality. Our commitment to the environment also extends to disposing unusable equipment. We tear down the systems and sub-assemblies, extract metals for recycling into new products, and send all hazardous materials to special facilities where they're destroyed in compliance with all national and international environmental regulations." ISE's Tech Center also customizes computers to meet specific educational needs, whether it requires adding memory, larger hard drives, inserting special graphics cards or other special configurations. "We take great pride in our recertified equipment," Johnson added. "When it leaves here it looks like new and works like new." Because ISE specializes in education, it's uniquely set up to work with special needs of schools and districts. Equipment is normally stockpiled before the fall and spring semesters when districts most commonly order. If required, equipment can be shipped in stages to meet operational and/or budgetary needs. ISE's credit department offers a variety of flexible purchase plans to make purchasing equipment as hassle-free as possible. About Insight Investments Insight Investments Corp. is an ISO 9001:2000-certified independent leasing agent that manages the intelligent, fully considered acquisition and management of information technology equipment. Founded in 1987 and privately held, Insight Investments improves IT operations by sourcing technologies at the best prices, offering preferential leasing via its own financial services division, minimizing tax implications, re-marketing pre-owned equipment to meet customer needs, and properly handling the disposal of end-of-life equipment.

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