Carbon dioxide has been linked with changing the earth’s climate. We generate carbon dioxide through heating our homes, driving to work and in the production of products and appliances we use in everyday life. As part of its remit, the Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse commissioned a study to examine the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions produced from reusing commonly remanufactured products.


This tyre retreading study showed that the manufacture of a 17.5” new tyre produces 86.9 kg CO2 emissions compared to 60.5 kg CO2 for an equivalent retread tyre, a saving of 26.4 kg. These figures are based on each retread tyre being resurfaced an average of 1.3 times (supplied directly by a remanufacturer). This equates to a reduction of emissions by 30%. A summary of the study can be downloaded from this page.

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