Auto manufacturers 'can help lower emission levels'

Federation of Engine Re-manufacturers secretary Brian Ludford said that with government support, there is scope to expand the market for re-manufactured engine products and increase quality standards, which could help lead to a cut in carbon emissions. “The independent engine remanufacturing industry already plays a significant role in the recycling of engine parts. They tackle emission problems on a daily basis, reducing overall output,” he added “Collectively, our combined activities have a significant influence on the reduction of carbon emissions on a global scale.”

automaker MIRA announced that it has designed a hybrid battery pack vehicle upgrade that potentially enables owners to save 61 per cent on fuel costs and lower tailpipe emissions by 39 per cent, without the need of a plug-in. The project was funded by the Department for Transport. The ETA is a not-for-profit ethical organisation providing motorists with carbon-neutral breakdown cover and insurance products. As well as encouraging responsible driving to reduce carbon, the ETA campaigns for sustainable transport.

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