"One that is smart about how to invest without raising the level of energy consumption, in a way that's environmentally friendly, in a way that creates good paying jobs.", says Rep. Phil English (R-Pa). He plans to do that by introducing a tax credit incentive for re-manufacturing in the U.S. Companies like GE in Grove City would get a 20 percent credit against the value of what's being made, to purchase new equipment for re-manufacturing. Encouraging businesses to take existing products and refurbish them back to their full potential. Think of it as the ultimate form of recycling."Small companies like Erie Drive Train do this on a regular basis, but with the help of this re-manufacturing credit, they're going to be able to expand their operations and create more jobs.", says English. And English says his plan will allow U.S. manufacturing companies to stay competitive in the global economy, with more and more products coming in from overseas. "This is a huge win-win, and it, in effect, takes the tax code and makes it greener, by encouraging the conservation of energy, and less of an environmental footprint.", says English. English plans to roll out this legislation in front of Congress next week. He says it'll be a challenge, but the bill is already getting bi-partisan support.