Emediawire reports that Stephen Howe, CEO of SDI-Fabsurplus, said, "We have completed the first stage of our project and successfully demonstrated lithography in-house at 0.4 um on a Nikon i7A stepper, designed only to achieve 0.5 um, providing enhanced capabilities on top of a state-of-the-art refurbishment. Our success was achieved following months of careful preparation for the project, including setting up an advanced refurbishment centre and selecting the finest 3rd-party service engineers to carry out the work. We have adopted Japanese work-practices in over-specifying performance parameters where possible to constantly improve our final results." SDI will continue to invest for future growth in high-technology techniques in lithography, inspection and software development to provide better, more attractive products for our clients. "This new achievement complements our established refurbishment capabilities for KLA-Tencor inspection equipment, Hitachi SEMs, Varian Implanters and Gasonics L3510 Ashers," Howe said. "SDI-Fabsurplus can now offer full support for enhancement, removal, refurbishment, installation and demonstration of Nikon steppers of i-line models up to i14 and earlier DUV systems. All systems can be demonstrated at SDI-Fabsurplus's new refurbishment facility and cleanroom located at Avezzano, near Rome, Italy. Our Avezzano Tech centre includes 800 mq of warehouse space, temperature controlled storage areas and a class 10 cleanroom."

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