It showcased leading industrial practice and the latest techniques and concepts from industry and academia concerned with surface technologies for the remanufacture of engineering components. The day started with an introduction to the CRR and its activities by Dr Hudai Kara. Dr Hanshan Dong of The University of Birmingham then introduced a series of advanced surface engineering technologies illustrated by a case study involving Land Rover engine remanufacture. Mark Smith, UK Business Unit Manager of Sifco, gave a technical overview of the remanufacturing technologies they offer, showcasing many applications of Selective Brush Plating. In the afternoon session Dr Tomasz Liskiewicz of Leeds University introduced the ‘Design for Failure’ concept and outlined the importance of understanding failure mechanisms in order to improve the design and remanufacture of components. Dr Liskewich also talked about surface engineering options available for use in various applications. Dr Paul Goodwin of Laser Cladding Ltd. introduced laser technology for the repair and remanufacture of engineering components. He highlighted the use of various laser systems for this purpose and provided some example applications of laser technology in this area. Finally, Emily Gower of BAE Systems gave a talk on electroplated fasteners and underlined the importance of screening for cadmium contamination prior to their application in service. Dr Hanshan Dong provided the delegates with an opportunity to visit the surface technology facilities at the Department of Metallurgy and Materials. Facilities include: • Laser laboratory for direct manufacturing and remanufacturing of components (e.g. turbine blades) • Plasma surface engineering laboratory • Nanoindentation laboratory • Brush plating laboratory Copies of the talks are available on this website for members to download. If you are not registered yet, registration is free and provides access to vast sources of information.