Easier Motoring reports that the UK's Federation of Engine Remanufactures (FER) is hosting a meeting that will bring together delegates representing remanufacturers from as far afield as the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with representatives from their European counterparts in the same room for the first time. "Although concern for the environment and the need to recycle are growing trends in the automotive industry, engine remanufacturers and their suppliers are being increasingly challenged,"says Brian Ludford, Secretary of the FER. "Political activity and technical developments at original equipment level are increasingly threatening the operations of remanufacturing specialists who are more often than not, in the best position to provide a lead on recycling initiatives and green manufacturing issues," adds John Goodman, President of the American Engine Remanufacturing Association, which is the largest of the organisations being represented. Issues likely to be discussed will include the difficulties faced with respect to gaining access to technical information held by original equipment manufacturers, potential developments in Block Exemption Regulations, general standards in automotive remanufacturing processes. They will also consider recent recycling initiatives at national and international Government level, with a view to strengthening their lobbying power.

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