Clinton County Correctional Facility would be the first county-run prison in Pennsylvania to have inmates working inside for an outside company, Warden Tom Duran told the county Prison Board meeting Wednesday. He said county prisons in Virginia and Maryland and federal and state prisons in Pennsylvania have such arrangements. Rafko Enterprises Inc. dismantles constant velocity joints in car and truck steering mechanisms for remanufacture.For inmates not eligible for work release, the company would provide training, equipment and a supervisor and would hope to hire 30 to 40, co-owner Gordon Fenwick, of Toronto, Canada, said. He said the company would pay the prison $4.50 per inmate per hour. The prison would pay the inmate $1 per hour, and the rest would go to the prison and to pay inmates' fines and court costs. Duran favored the proposal. "Tired inmates are better inmates, " he said. He was directed to work out a preliminary agreement, for a deal that could be finalized next month.

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