The facility has remanufactured brake shoes since 2000 and differential carriers since 1999. The company committed to a rigid remanufacturing process in the late '80s, opting to adhere to remanufacture standards rather than rebuilt. To better understand the milestone volumes, ten million brakes shoes are equivalent to approximately half-million tractor-trailer vehicles with approximately 20 shoes on each, the company says. Or, 10 million shoes would stretch (end- to- end) 2,400 miles from Indianapolis to Vancouver, B. C.

In similar statistics, 50,000 differential carriers weigh about 9,100 tons, which is the same weight as a Ticonderoga class destroyer loaded with cargo, or about 21 fully-loaded 747-400's. Remanufactured brake shoe applications include over the road (line haul) tractors and trailers as well as vocational vehicles such as buses and refuse vehicles, and axle differential carriers can be found on a wide range of vehicles from over the road trucks to emergency vehicles.

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