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An Economy That Works - Aldersgate Group report

A new report from the Aldersgate Group lays out the core characteristics and enablers of a prosperous, competitive and sustainable economy: an economy that works.

Invention creates drinking water from thin air

A researcher at Nottingham Trent University is using repurposed fridges to create drinking water from thin air to help people in developing countries.

Singapore's Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre set to become a key centre of remanufacturing excellence

As builders approach completion of "Clean Tech 2", home of the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), ReMaTecNews reports on how the ARTC is poised to become a "world renowned Centre of Excellence for remanufacturing technologies."

Growing remanufacturing and reuse

Publication updated Mon 26 May 2014

WRAP Reclaimed Products Guide

This guide, produced by WRAP with contributions by CRR, BRE and others, lists available recovered construction products and the benefits of doing so.

This guide is aimed at construction professionals including:

The document covers a range of products and materials commonly used in new build and refurbishment for housing, commercial and public sector projects. Its purpose is to help identify how to substitute new products with reclaimed alternatives.

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to know that this guide is available in printed form by contacting CRR.

For more information on products and materials with recycled content, visit:

Credit: Original survey funded by WRAP.

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Reclaimed products guide


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