David Parker

David, one of the founding members of the Centre, is still actively involved in delivering projects on remanufacturing and reuse. Author of the original Biffaward project identifying the remanufacturing potential in the UK in 2004, David headed up the Centre until 2010 when he moved on to other areas of working within our parent company Oakdene Hollins. David has extensive industry and policy knowledge and leads on delivery of teaching material.


Dr Rachel Waugh

Rachel is a specialist in energy and material efficiency for engineering materials, such as steel, aluminium, paper and plastics. She has worked on market analysis projects for remanufacturing markets globally, from Scotland to Malaysia, and product analysis projects, such as electric vehicle batteries. She advises on the economic and environmental benefits from remanufacturing and on policy recommendations.


Jane Tewson

Jane supports the CRR website and newsletter. She works in the area of sustainable innovation and product stewardship and has a background in economic and financial publishing.


Harry Symington

Harry is a research consultant who recently worked on our Scottish remanufacturing study. He has a background in business and accounting and holds a masters degree in renewable energy.


Dr Kate Riley

Dr Kate Riley is a Technical Consultant in textiles and clothing and has a background in corporate wear. She has researched clothing comfort at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, worked as a garment technologist for a corporate wear supplier, and taught technical textiles and textile testing methods at De Montfort University. She has a keen interest in developing circular end-of-life solutions for corporate wear, and is part of the team delivering the EU Ecolabel scheme in the UK. Kate heads up UniformReuse for the CRR - see www.uniformreuse.co.uk